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Gym Partner Workout – Reunion Session

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Gym Partner Workout – Reunion Session Me and Cain have been training together for the past few years on and off. Cain’s been at university studying and this was the first workout together after almost a year.

Find your motivation and people that encourage you to push yourself like we do. This is a full body workout and ideal for working out in pairs.

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Exercises we’ve done : Wall sit Biceps Curls Biceps Hammers Chest Press Dips Pull Ups Leg Press Squats Hollow Body , Side V ups, V ups Spin Bike

How To Use Your Own Environment To Get In Shape – 2 Birds With 1 Stone

2 Birds With 1 Stone Workout:

When I was about to close the gym I was debating with myself whether I should stay and workout or just do one at home. Then I looked at the floor and there was a lot of weights laying on the floor like usual so I thought to myself why don’t I just do something for every weight that I pick up, so I did. The workout felt really good because I had a clear goal that all the weight has to be put away so I was just doing the exercise and going on to the next. I didn’t want to leave in 3 hours so I haven’t rested for too long in between of sets. This resulted in a great leg workout, done easily around 500 reps.

Here is the run down of what I did:

For every plate that was either 2.5 kg, 5 kg or 10 kg I would do 10 squats while holding on to the weight.

For every plate that was either 15 kg , 20 kg or 25 I would put it back on the weight rack and do 10 powerful jumping squats

For every piece of blue roll or rubbish I found I would do 10 lunges ( 5 on each leg )

For every dumbbell found I would first put it back where it belongs and do 15 jumping jacks straight after.

The next day I woke up and my legs were on fire, this is a great way to get your daily exercise while doing something that you have to. If you struggle with time doing a routine like this is a great way of squeezing in a workout. You can come up with your own routine for example doing a workout while you’re cleaning at home is a great idea. Every dish washed – 10 push ups, for every piece of laundry 10 high knees, every t-shirt that you put away 5 bur pees and so on. You get the idea. If you really value your health you will find a way to squeeze in physical activity, if not you will indeed find an excuse.



Channel Introduction & Upcoming Content + How I Started My Fitness Journey

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Channel Introduction & Upcoming Content + How I Started My Fitness Journey – Don’t Forget To Subscribe To Stay Updated!

This is my first video that I talk right into the camera & I actually enjoyed it way more than I expected. I thought that this video was needed so you guys can connect with me a bit more and get to know what’s coming in the near future. I also touched on how I started with fitness journey, I want you guys to tell me how it started for you in the comments! Maybe you’re about to start? Well head over to my play lists find one for you and lets get the ball rolling!Introduction.jpg

Common approaches to dieting that may lead to failure

Common approaches to dieting that may lead to failure

People that go on a diet usually will take the all or none approach which is not the best for making a behavioural change. We all have habits and some habits are bad and some are good. It’s near to impossible to change all your bad habits for the good over night. It’s much wiser to go for a small change, one that you’re ready to tackle for example drinking water and cutting out sweetened drinks, sodas & juice. After you have successfully established a new habit and proved to yourself that you can do it, pick a next one for example avoid skipping breakfast.

Some common behaviours:

Changing the entire diet into foods they don’t like – lets face it how long can you maintain eating stuff that you hate… a day?

Starving which only leads to unhappy life and binge eating – you can still enjoy food and be healthy at the same time.

Giving up after a while due to confusion – like with anything in life you need to educate yourself to get a better understanding, without the right knowledge the thought of healthy eating can be overwhelming which is totally understandable.

Change is possible you just got to believe and follow through, stay strong people!

What other things will people going on a diet do? Share your thoughts

4 Random Gym Mistakes that you might be doing!


1.Training partners

Training partner should not be someone that distracts you, the only time you should train with somebody is when you know the other person pushes you to do better and just gets on with it. Avoid having bad training partners and most importantly don’t be one of them. I personally love training with other people because there is always something new to learn!

2.Performing the exercises wrong

Performing your exercises wrong is not only a bad way to get stronger but also it increases the chances of an injury, if you have a mirror USE IT! When you just assume you doing an exercise correctly you might find yourself having muscular imbalances in the future, just like I did and it took a while to get it sorted out. Bottom line is, you owe it to yourself to get the right technique into your training right from the beginning.

3. Consistency

Consistency is the key and that goes to any area of your life. If you workout for 2 weeks and then you stop, you will never achieve results great enough to keep you motivated. Make training a part of your everyday life, increase the intensity and duration little by little. You don’t have to start with 2 hour sessions right of the bat.

4.Commit and execute

Some people are committing to a workout and they quit after 30 minutes of being in the gym. I’m not saying you can’t get an excellent workout in 30 minutes. I’m talking about people that go there for 30 minutes and do 1 half hearted set every 5 minutes while talking to their mate on the phone. When you’re in the gym, you’re in the gym. Give it all you got!

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Torn Callus? Here is what you can do next time it happens!…

Torn callus

How are the calluses formed in the first place ?

You will have callus if you start doing anything that will involve pulling yourself up or holding a barbel that pulls you down. Any friction or force that your hands will have to deal with will make the skin toughen in certain areas of your palm usually in 3 main places , middle of the fingers just at the top of the palm and in the middle of the palm. The callus that are exposed the most are the ones in the middle.

Usually the callus by themselves won’t cause any major problem they might hurt a little bit but you will get use to it after a while. They start to become a problem when they grow to big or when one of them rips. There are certain procedures to help you deal with those problems.

When you rip a callus what should you do?

There are several options that you can go with , pick the one that you think will be the best. What you chose to do is in your hands.

First option is to rest for around 4 days just letting the wound heal. This is a great option since you will minimize the risk of the area getting infected and possibly avoid “sloppy workouts”. Ignoring the possibility of an infection is not the wisest thing to do, you might end up taking more days off then if you would just let yourself rest and of course minimize the pain that’s associated with that.

Second Option is to train through it without doing the pulling motion what I’ve found is that whenever I rip one of my callus I can focus more on pushing exercises like, planche pushups, dips and handstands. Keep in mind that it’s best to wrap your hands with a rock tape which will essentially work as your 2nd layer of skin and then put a glove on the top of that to protect the wound completely. This will minimize the risk of an infection and ease of the direct pain.

What to do after you rip your skin off

After you rip your skin you ideally want to stop the workout and go to the bathroom and wash the wound in the hot water, it will burn a little. Then pat and dry the wound, next thing you will need to do is get rid off that excess skin on your palm, don’t rip it right away because it usually creates a bigger rip then it is and it’s going to hurt ever more. Grab your self a pair of small scissors or a nail clipper and cut off the skin as far as it’s possible, best to remove all the dead skin. After the wound starts healing, you will want to grind down the rest of the dead skin that’s left on the with a callus shaver, pumice stone or a nail file. Keeping the skin moisturized will speed the healing process.


3 Reasons Why People Fail At Weight Loss

Weigtt loss

3 Reasons Why People Fail At Weight Loss

Trying to change to many things at once!

A common mistake is trying to change everything at once, you know it doesn’t work so using the same method will have the same results. You have to take it slowly for example in the first week you will get rid of sodas and just drink water, seem more reasonable right? If you can stick to that, add another change and keep doing that until you reach your goal. Make sure these changes stay with you for your entire life not just for the period of losing weight, being healthy is your duty.

Being hungry

In order to lose weight you will have to go on a calorie deficit meaning you need to consume less energy then you’re expending. That can mean you will feel more hungry then usual which can lead to being moody, demotivated and feeling like you want to give up. There is a way around that, if you really take your healthy eating seriously and consume good carbs, good fats and protein you will not only feel full and energized but you will also lose fat. When you’re about to give yourself a treat like a chocolate bar think about how long is that chocolate bar going to fill you up for? Eating bad food is usually associated with looking for “quick fix” when you feel hungry. After having a good quality meal you will not be as keen to eat that chocolate as you were before.

Going after what sounds good

This one is especially bad for your self esteem if you’re falling for the quick fix, 1 pill a day, 3 minutes a day to flat stomach or whatever it is these days you will most likely be left with unsatisfying results and feeling disappointed. It’s not your fault, you just got fed the wrong information. Getting fit and healthy is a process and not a “job” or a “project” that lasts for 2 weeks, it’s a commitment to love your body day in and out. If you truly love yourself, taking care of your body should not be a problem. I think that what these companies advertise is actually lethal for the person trying their product because at the end of the so called life changing plan you feel worse then before and you will find yourself putting the weight back on right away after you done with it.

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